#1 Coronavirus Community Prevention Software System

Controls COVID19 spreading while allowing normal economic activities

Why COVID-19 is spreading fast?

The biggest reason why Coronavirus is so easy to spread in the community is that infected persons have an incubation period of about 14 days, and there are no obvious surface symptoms.

Many people do not know if they have been in contact with incubators. If the use of blocking strategies such as closing schools, closing in-door gym., closing movie theater, & closing the border, it can only be solved the problem in the shorter term.

In the longer-term, it not only affects the normal life of citizens but also causes huge economic losses.

The Mathematical Model of Coronavirus Spreading

No Blocking Curve in RED; Blocking Curve in Yellow

Mathematically, assuming the infection rate is 2% and the average size of people gather in the public areas is 600 people.

If the community do nothing to identify the incubators and alert them not to enter public areas, in 84 days, the total infected people can grow to 3 million; on their other hand, if we block 80% of incubators, the infected number can be reduced drastically to less than a thousand.

Our System based on the Mathematical Model

The most effective way to implement the mathematical model is to use the smartphone registration app and also to install dedicated terminals in public places such as a library, cinema, school, and gym to record where and when the citizens have visited.

When a person is reported as virus-infected by medical authorities, the system immediately puts all persons who appear in the same place at the same time as the confirmed patient into an Alert list and transmits it to all terminals.

The Alert list is valid from one day to fourteen days, depending on the date of contact.

This system gives a friendly alert to potential incubators when they are entering public areas.

Privacy and Security: There is no personal information including phone number, name, ID, address are recorded on the system server. The user’s phone number is converted to an irreversible unique ID. The system will not be able to track and to trace the user.

Our System

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