QR2/BLE Competitive Analysis

Apple Pay

  • Pros: all iPhones support NFC, fast transaction
  • Cons: NFC is not opened for the third-party developers

Google Pay (NFC)

  • Pros: NFC based, fast transaction
  • Cons: only high-end phones support NFC, less than 10% of Android phones

Google Pay (Ultra-sound)

  • Pros: support all Android phones
  • Cons: not for close proximity, not suitable to be used in automated fare collection

QR code-based Pay

  • Pros: support all smartphones
  • Cons: requires on-line transaction and transaction time is much more than 4 seconds.

iBonus Pay Technology (QR2/ BLE)

  • Pros: support 99% smartphones IOS and Android OS
  • Pros: work in off-line and the transaction time is less than 1 second.
  • Cons: new to the market

Author: Keith Lau

The writer has over 19 years of experience in the related industry. To learn more about the financial model of an automatic fare collection system

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