Our System

True Mobile-based Transit Ticketing System for Urban Mobility 

  1. A barrier-free traveling for anyone with a smartphone.
  2. Every local transit operator can have their own identity, flexibility, and control.
  3. An extremely low investment with a potential of good cashflow from user deposit.
  4. Instant delivery of the system

Unique System Features:

  • It supports 100% smartphones with a typical of 1 second transaction time
  • Off-line based transaction
    • It requires less service support.
    • It requires no reliable Internet network and high availability server.
    • Transactions are done in real-time but records are sent to the server in a delayed manner.
  • Remote top-up of Mobile Wallet
    • using Paypal, credit cards, or debit card
  • Built-in with a contactless Smart Card system
    • Remote top-up using Paypal, credit cards, or debit card
  • Annual user license costing with no software cost upfront.
  • Instant delivery

Major Cost Benefits:

  1. Off-line operation requires less costly Internet network and server investment and their operation cost
  2. Unlike account-based ticketing, credit card and other payment methods are only used for the top-up. There is no need for an expensive and complex clearing and settlement software system.
  3. Remote top-up for Mobile Wallet and Smart Card reduces the initial investment of many top-up stations and their subsequent operational cost.