GetMeThere App won’t open! #Manchester #Metrolink

GetMeThere App won’t open!

Got 4.3 Stars Ratings on IOS App Store

However, it does not show the total number of reviews.

Got only 1.7 Stars Rating on Android

It has 2,000 plus reviews to show that the App has problems connecting to the server.

Similar Problems reported on various forums

Have never had any problems before but this weekend it started refusing to open, not sure if its a problem with my phone (although it’s pretty new so shouldn’t be) Luckily the inspectors let me show my proof of purchase email instead.


Possible Caused of the Problem

Getmethere App requires a server connection to obtain a ticket. When the server is busy or the Internet bandwidth is on high demand during peak hours when passengers go to work in the morning, the user may experience different problems such as with content is not loading or unable to open up the App.

More Andriod users reporting more problems than iPhone users simply because more people use Android phones than expensive iPhones nowadays.

Possibly Resolution

Public transportation for big cities like Manchester with tens of thousands of people using them every day. Speed is the utmost important parameter. The tickets on the Getmethere App should be stored off-line instead of on-line after purchased. The usage of a ticket should be deducted off-line to avoid dependence on the Internet connection and the availability of the server.

Like the Getmethere smart card, the value deduction and the validation are done off-line and therefore, there are not many complaints heard.

Getmethere App should look for mobile technologies which are an off-line based like Google Pay, Apple Pay, or some new technologies. To learn more, please visit