‎Why Ventra App has 1.5 Stars rating on IOS Store? #Chicago

Why Ventra App rated 1.5* on IOS Store?

Worst app I’ve EVER used.

There was absolutely no thought made into the creation of this horrible app. First tickets are stored on your device, but you still need a connection to their servers to use those tickets. Why!? …

The app also asks for your password EVERYWHERE. …

Ventra App @ IOS Store, shareef777, 01/02/2019

CHICAGO (WLS) — The Ventra app is running again after an outage was reported Monday morning. Ventra is used by the CTA, Metra and by Pace.

Metra said the Ventra App is letting some people use the app, but not purchase tickets on the app.

Ventra said they were experiencing some backend issues with the app and that they apologize for the inconvenience.

Shortly after 10 a.m., Ventra said its app issue has been resolved.

Eyewitness News 7 , July 23, 2019

Possible Caused of the Problem

When you board your train, select “My Metra Tickets” in the Ventra App and tap the ticket you’d like to use. You’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to use your ticket. Then show your mobile ticket to the conductor when the conductor is checking for tickets. He or she will ask you to touch the screen; when you do the colors in the animation change. 


Ventra App requires a server connection to obtain a ticket. When the server is busy or the Internet bandwidth is on high demand during peak hours when passengers go to work in the morning, the user may experience different problems particularly with content is not loading…

Possibly Resolution

Public transportation particularly for mega city like Chicago with millions of people using them every day. Speed is the utmost important parameter. The tickets on the Ventra App should be stored off-line instead of on-line after purchased. The usage of a ticket should be deducted off-line to avoid dependence on the Internet connection and the availability of the server.

Like the Ventra smart card, the value deduction and the validation are done off-line and therefore, there have been no major complaints.

Ventra App should look for mobile technologies which are an off-line based like Google Pay, Apple Pay, or some new technologies. To learn more, please visit mobileafc.net